The set of rules of the Principality of Lucca and Piombino

The constitution of the principality was issued by Napoleone on the 24th of june in 1806, and it established that the executive authority was attributed to the Prince, who governed through two ministers: the Grand Judge, who added up to itself the roles of Minister of justice, domestic and foreign affairs; and the Finances' Minister, who took care of the cult, the police and the army, the public activities and buildings. The legislative authority was entrusted to the Senate which was composed of six members and in combination with the two ministers and the sovereign was called the Council of the Principality. Despite this partition, the Baciocchi princes executed an almost absolute power towards the State. After the princes getaway in 1814, for a short period of time the Senate assumed a temporary government under the presidency of the archbishop Filippo Sardi.