The set of rules of the Dukedom of Lucca

Although the Congress of Vienna set forth the constitutional structure of the State of Lucca complying with its traditions, which were also approved in the Napoleonic constitution of 1805, not Maria Luisa di Borbone neither Carlo Lodovico wanted to grant this tool of guarantee for the citizens, actualizing an almost absolute power towards them. The executive, legislative and most of the prerogatives of the judiciary power remained in the hands of the Dukes, who governed the state through five departments: a minister and a Secretary of State for foreign affairs who had authority even about the waters and the streets, two General Directors: one for the interior affairs, the other for the Financials and the Army, and two Presidents: one so-called of “Buon Governo e Poste” and the other for Clemency and Justice. All of these officials set up the Minister and along with the sovereign and other four councillors took the name of State Council.