The Elders' apartments

The Elders' apartments were located on the Noble floor of the central wing of the Palazzo, alongside the courtyard to the far end, near S. Romano. This part of the building, restored in the XVI century, is occupied by the last four lounges of the Throne Quarter. The apartments were composed of ten rooms, a chapel, a dining room, a central gallery and, after the Ammannati's works, of another gallery opened on the courtyard. The rooms, except for the Gonfaloniere's one, had specific names: S. Pietro, of the Holy Face, S. Paolino, S. Martino, S. Regolo, S. Pantaleone, S. Alessandro and S. Silao. The Chapel overlooked S. Romano square. With the building of the northern wing of the Palazzo, in the first half of the XVIII century, another ten lounges were designated as summer apartments for the Elders. The older rooms continued to be utilized in the winter period, when they were more comfortable.