The Palazzo's Chapel

Castruccio Castracani provided the Palazzo with an internal chapel for religious functions. It was located on the top floor of the eastern wing of the Palazzo, where nowadays the Ammannati's Gallery rise up. The chapel was used even by the Gonfaloniere and the Elders, who couldn't leave the Palazzo in the proxy's first two months. With the 16th century restorations, the chapel was moved in the area near S. Romano, next to the Gonfaloniere and the Elders' apartments. In 1531 it was adorned with inlaid wooden stalls made by the brothers Ambrogio and Nicolao Pucci. It was later enhanced with five canvas, of wich three are still conserved in the Villa Guinigi museum: “La Natività di Cristo” by F. Zuccari, the “Visitazione” by B. Franco and the “Natività della Vergine” by B. Neroni. The daily celebrated mass was often accompanied by the music of the Choir. The chapel was then dismantled by Elisa Baciocchi to make space for the last Throne Quarter's lounge.