The tower of the Palazzo

The ancient “Pinelli in San Pietro in Cortina” tower, given its proximity to the Palazzo, during the period of the foreign domination was rented by the city of Lucca to accommodate the Palazzo's prisons, the soldiers guarding the contrada, the captain's kitchen and most importantly the military warnings. After the city's liberation the tower was bought, restored and provided with new bells. It was connected to the Palazzo through an overpass; the cornice was repeatedly remade. A man constantly resided there to sign the hours and to play the bell for the summons of the General Council or to warn the city about a danger. The tower was the cornerstone of the Republic's defensive system. During the night the acoustic and bright warning were more intense. It called the walls' doors with fixed tolls, at regular intervals, to make sure everything was okay. Various telescopes were pointed at the towers on the Republic's borders to promptly receive the warnings. The tower was demolished by the Baciocchi family, together with other buildings, to open Piazza Napoleone.