The Day and Night Lounge

Decors of the Day and Night Lounge, with chairs, tables, armchairs, paintings, mirror and chandelier with blue walls


The lounge is decorated with “The Sun removes the darkness” by an anonymous artist and with “Ornati” by Francesco Salvetti.
The centre of the vault is divided by the bright light of Day and the darkness of Night, two Erotes are playing with a wreath and four monumental vases standing on the cornice. In the frieze of the square panels triumphs with rich trophies in ancient style are presented. In this room also the decorations and the square frames have been attributed to the beginning of the pictorial decoration campaign commissioned by Elisa Baciocchi. On the western wall, on a shield the monogram of Maria Luisa is embossed, probably updating this way the former decoration.
On the walls the paintings of Raffaele Giovanetti (1783-1855) depict two continents:

  • “Europa”, dressed in a royal gown with a crown on her head, holding a cornucopia, that alludes to the wealth of the continent, in a hand and pointing out a church, being Europe the seat of the Catholic religion, with the other one;
  • “Asia”, with a wreath of flowers on her head and wearing many rare jewels to symbolize the wealth of the continent’s costumes. Asia is holding a censer, symbol of the Oriental incense and perfume production as a homage to Europe.



Detail of the decorations of the Day and Night Lounge
Asia - Raffaele Giovannetti
Europe - Raffaele Giovannetti
The Sun pushes away the Darkness