The Athena Lounge

The Athena Lounge: decorated with silk drapes and triumph crockery made of precious metals, porphyry fireplace and golden bronzes attributed to Theodore Bienaimé, with the Bourbonic emblem and a portrait of a noble woman on the wall (XIX century)


On the vault “Athena presiding over Manufactures” by Domenico Del Frate (Lucca 1765 - Rome 1821).
The Genius presents to the Goddess silk drapes and a pottery triumph made of embossed precious metals. Around the oval monochrome decorations by Pellegrino Bellandi portray the personifications of “Painting”, “Measurement”, “Architecture” and “Toreutics”, while in the corners the emblems of a crowned lion and a tower are represented. At the wall the fireplace in porphyry and gilded bronze with the Bourbon emblem affixed later is attributed to Théodore Bienaimé . On the wall a portrait of a gentlewoman (century XIX).