Restorations of 2017


During the G7 of the Foreign Affair Ministers which took place in Lucca on the 10th and 11th of April in 2017, the Palazzo underwent additional restoration and maintenance interventions, coordinated by the Public Works Service, territorial planning, mobility and road network, heritage and civil protection of the Province of Lucca, made thanks to the contribution of the “Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca” foundation.
Following are the main interventions of restoration, conservation and maintenance made:

  • Cortile degli Svizzeri was repaved with the so-called “natura” asphalt;
  • The decorations and flounces of all the lounges were restored (from the ground to almost a meter of height), recovering the original colors, paying specific attention to gold;
  • The lighting system was revisited in order to enhance the historical-artistic elements which characterized the lounges' spaces;
  • The Royal Staircase: the walls and decors were cleaned and the missing or ruined parts were rebuilt; a protective intervention was made to the walls, using potassium silicate which gave them a silken appearance. The lighting system was revisited with led spotlights by way of which the various Bourbon symbols (fleur-de-lys, stronghold, griffons) were enhanced;
  • The Squires' Room: the original cotto tile was de-waxed, washed and waxed again, after the tiles were rearranged and the coloration was made uniform;
  • The Guard Room: the floor is a fake Venetian terrazzo. A colored resin was used to accurately reproduce the original drawing of the ruined floor; the fresco was strengthen (particularly where the signature is) and little missing parts were rebuilt;
  • The Chamberlains' Room: the Venetian terrazzo floor was fixed and the missing parts were rebuilt with various techniques. Where it was used, the resin was painted to recover the original drawing;
  • The Throne Room: the floor is painted like a sort of fresco; the missing parts were remade and the decorative shapes were repainted with brushes and other techniques. The floor, after being repainted, was covered with a transparent protective resin;
  • The Councilors' Room: the cracks in the floor were mended and the transparent protective resin was laid out;
  • Sovereign's Study: the cracks in the floor were mended and the transparent protective resin was laid out;
  • Two little bathrooms were also rebuilt, of which one near the Sovereign's Study. The chromatism of the lounge next to them was used to continue the process of the spaces' enhancement. High quality modern design elements were used for the accessories.