Domenico Bertini

Sculpture of the face of Domenico Bertini
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He was born in Gallicano from a well-off family. His humanistic education is still unknown. He began an untimely public career. In 1448 he was proclaimed honorary citizen of Lucca, so he had access to all the major judiciaries.
In Rome he was apostolic writer for pope Niccolò V, apostolic secretary under Innocenzo VIII. In 1464 he was sent to the King of Hungary and the Venice Republic as an orator and later, under Paolo II, he handled numerous Italian diplomatic affairs. In 1461 he obtained the title of Palatine Count from the emperor Federico III and in 1467 he obtained the title of Count of the Holy Lateran Palace from Sisto IV.
Bertini conducted a constantly diplomatic work favorable to Lucca, showing interest in all the international issues the city had. When he returned in his homeland, he took on various times the title of Elder and the title of surrogate Gonfaloniere once.
He was in the commission appointed to study the foundation of a university in Lucca, he conducted a great activity as patron supporting Matteo Civitali helping him in opening the first printing press in Lucca in 1477. As operator in the Cathedral, he assigned numerous decors works to Civitali, such as the Holy Face little temple, the choral enclosure and the chapel of SS. Sacramento. He called the famous carver Cristoforo Canozzi da Lendinara to make the sacristy's closets. He assigned the building of the apse wooden choir to Iacopo da Villa and to Masseo di Bertone Civitali. He planned to adorn the church's altars with works from the most famous Italian contemporary masters.