Ascanio Mansi

Portrait of Ascanio Mansi
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Belonging to the second born branch of the important family of Lucca, he studied in Bologna and Rome. He entered the Senate when he was young and he assisted to the death of the ancient Republic in 1799.
His political diligence continued, during the democratic governments, as a moderate conservative with a clear and realistic vision: the old aristocratic ruling class, with its centuries-old experience of good governance, had to continue to guide the city politics conforming itself to the changes, without anachronistic nostalgia but also respecting the ancient traditions of the city. He was a member of the Principality of the Baciocchi's government as a State Administrator and Grand Chamberlain. After the Napoleon's downfall he supported the cause for the restoration of the Republic of Lucca at the Congress of Vienna.
He gained the esteem and trust of the main European diplomats. With the Bourbon he became first (and only) minister of the Dukedom: he governed with great ability, distinguishing himself for the reforming activity and the incentivisation of the free-market and works of public utility, preparing the little dukedom to definitively integrate itself in a larger reality.